Top 100 PDF Submission Sites 2019: This Is What Professionals Do


PDF submission sites are a very useful technique to boost the ranking of the website on search engine and it provides high-quality backlinks & traffic to your website. PDF submission can also be used to republish the content into other sites. You can reuse your content and create a lead magnet to attract more visitors to your website.

As far as, do follow PDF submission sites is like the gold mines for harvesting backlinks and expanding authority at the shortest time.

What is PDF submission in SEO off page?

PDF is a technique to gain the quality backlinks from the given submission website and to maximize the website visibility in search engine. Also, you will get the referral traffic to your website from the given submission website.

Benefits of PDF submission in SEO off page

  • Faster indexing by google
  • Use flashy formatting in content including images
  • Upload the PDF to multiple sharing sites without caring the duplication
  • Get quality backlinks on high authority sites
  • Boost the ranking of the website on the search engine

Tips to successful PDF file submission

1.Convert the PDF file into text using OCR

If you have scanned PDF from somewhere convert it into text by using OCR (optical character optimization) which help search engine to read the PDF file.

2. A good title for the PDF is essential to boost the website rank

Don’t give your PDF a simple title. Make the title appealing, that makes the user click on the title once they read it.

3. Use Alt text

If you use images to your file, don’t forget to use alternate text to make a search engine to understand that image.

4. Keyword rich tag

Always try to use relevant keyword to maximize the visibility and to get relevant traffic to your website through the PDF submission.

List of High DA Dofollow PDF Submission Sites List 2019



Work on the above high authority PDF submission sites to get high-quality backlinks for the websites. If you find this blog, please share it Facebook and Twitter!



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