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High authority .edu sites for backlinks are one of the simplest ways to boost the ranking of the website and help keywords to rank fast.

To most people .edu and .gov are just top-level domain. But for SEO, the three letters of Edu mean much more. While many people in SEO doubt the fact that the search engines give .edu and .gov site backlinks special power. We can agree that the sites on .edu and .gov have the age, trust and domain authority that every link builders love.

In this blog, I will tell you some actionable strategies you can use these backlinks in your link profile. Let’s start to dig into the depth of .edu and .gov sites.

Why are edu Blog Commenting sites important for keyword’s ranking?

.Edu backlinks are very powerful backlinks because these are

  • High domain authority sites
  • Boost your keyword ranking very fast
  • The spam score of .edu and .gov sites are very low
  • Google gives more preference to .edu and .gov sites than the other sites.

So, don’t miss the opportunity to get backlinks from the high authority .edu and .gov sites.

Benefits of .Edu Blog Commenting sites

  • It helps in fast indexing in search engine result.
  • Increase the ranking of the keywords.
  • It helps in improving the domain authority of the website.
  • Generate referral traffic from these high authority websites.
  • Google gives more weightage to that website that gets the backlinks from the .edu sites.

How have we created .edu and .gov backlinks?

We used several tools like semrush, ahrefs, majestic and SEO profiler to get Edu Blog Commenting Sites. After analyzing these sites, I made the list top Edu Blog Commenting Sites. These links are crawled and indexed very fast. You only need to create the profile and update the proper link and bio.

Below is the list of top .edu sites for backlinks 

While I was looking for .edu sites for backlinks, I found some other website with high DA (Domain Authority) PA (Page Authority). Eblogtalk will also share with you the list of high DA and PA sites. If you used these sites in a proper way, it will improve your keyword ranking in a short period of time. Given below are the link of other blogs of eblogtalk from where you can get high authority backlinks. Just click on the given link and get the backlinks from that sites.


If you have done with the above .edu sites for backlinks and try to find other .edu sites for backlinks. I like to share some other method to find the edu sites for backlinks. The below method is for those users who are not using tools due to its high cost.

Here are some search strings to help you find the keyword (scholarship) listing pages:

site:.edu “scholarships”
site:.edu “college scholarships”
site:.edu “scholarships links”
site:.edu “scholarship list”
site:.edu “list of scholarships”
site:.edu “Outside Agency Scholarships”
site:.edu “private Scholarships”
site:.edu “keyword + scholarships”

Use your keyword in place of scholarship.

Don’t Go for Redirected .Edu Backlinks

Don’t use edu sites for backlinks which are sneaky and redirected. While creating backlinks, I found that some of the websites redirect to other sites. Don’t use this site that redirects you to another website because that type of site is useless.

Example: www.abc.gov/category/errrrr/567/ews
Redirect to: www.ybc.com

This type of website is not crawled by Google and don’t pass the link juice to the website.

Do and Don’t for high authority backlinks

  • Don’t spam the .edu or .gov website by using so many backlinks.
  • Complete profile so that it looks genuine.
  • Always try to check robots.txt of .edu or .gov backlink websites to make sure it is crawled and indexed.
  • Check the spam score of. Gov and.Edu website by Moz extension. Don’t create backlinks on the websites, that have spam score more than 3. In the case of content, Use educational based content on the .gov websites.
  • Don’t post promotional content on the edu sites.
  • In case of not working ahref or HTML tag, use BB Code in place of that as link placement.

So, Above is the list of high-quality backlinks website, .edu sites for backlinks and free backlinks sites. If, you liked it then please do share it with your friends, and on your social media. If you have more do follow edu sites for backlinks. Send it to us via contact form or comment to add. We will add those new .gov and .edu websites by giving credit to the user.

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