How to Win Clients and Influence Markets with Above The Fold


First impression is pivotal and if the above the fold website content doesn’t grab the attention of users, they would not stick around any longer. But if your website grab the users’ attention, then they will stick around, buy and subscribe.

History of the fold

The term “above the fold” originated from the newspaper’s world, paper are generally folded in half, therefore only top half portion of the paper is visible. Editor would use this top half of the newspaper to grab the attention of the readers using important stories, strong image, popular image to encourage the newspaper’s readers to buy the paper.

The story above the fold grab more attention of the users. while users don’t get much time from their busy schedule to read the entire paper, so they likely to read the front page story and from their they decide which story they have to read or which have to leave.



On the website, the fold is the area of the  page displayed to the users without scrolling. Based on the screen resolution, the area highlighted in red is generally, how content is presented to the users on the landing page or above the fold.



Is above the fold important in 2019?

Content layout is always play an important part for a website because the content that appears above the fold is the first impression that makes the users to scroll down to know more about that page.

The content that you place above the fold should be the content which focus on your business goal.

The content must grab the user’s attention and present them with the content that they are looking for so that they visit another page of that website.

Therefore, the space above the fold should not be filled with litters and profuse amount of informations. Despite of, above the fold should contain focus words and also related to website’s niche that explain to the user exactly what the content is all about.


It is crucial for a website, how its dimension appear to the users. All screen have a different dimensions and due to the proliferation of tab, mobile, each site presents in different ways.

In the digit world, mobile dimension is the most important area to consider and mobile phone comes in various dimensions.

The website analytics should be able to tell you which is the most common screen dimension for the users. Traditionally, 1024×768 has been the most common dimension.

Call to action

Call to action depends on several factors such as

  1. Certain visitors
  2. Uncertain visitors
  3. Uncertain visitors that are presented with a complex proposition
  1. Certain visitors:- Certain visitors are those who are likely to take action as they have made their mind up before visiting the site. There is advantage for the known brand, and there is a little for the certain visitors to learn about the products. In this case, call to action is only a matter of convenience.
  2. Uncertain visitors:- Uncertain visitors are those who have some knowledge about the product, placing call to action is generally the best practice for them.
  3. Uncertain visitor that are presented with a complex proposition:- Uncertain visitors that are presented with a complex proposition, required more in depth explanation of why your call to action should be acted upon.

Simply, call to action button must be placed in a position whereby the visitor has been most persuaded to act upon it.

SEO Consideration

Google has released several updates that penalize websites that place so many ads above the fold and original content of the page is visible below the fold. Sites that placed many ads above the fold of the page provide a bad user experience and doing so can result in a reduction in traffic on their sites.

Website first impression determines whether users stay on that page or jump back to the SERP results. A bounce rate sends negative signal to google, so above the fold area plays a vital role in successful search engine optimization.

Ad optimization requires balance, so that both the user experience and ad viewability are maximized.

Placement of ads

Placement of Ad

Most of the attention grab by the users will still be above the fold, no matter how carefully you designed your website. Optimizing the placement of ads and content on a website is a process which need testing and experiment. At first look at your google analytics to determine the demographics (browsers, devices, and screen size) of the users and also their behaviour (bounce rate, engagement rate). This analysis will provide you a depth metrics with how the users are interacting to your site.

Once the audit is complete, the next step is testing. Now you can come with the ideas of ads and contents placement, use tesing software to move elements around on a page and test which one perform the best for your website.

Examples of above the fold content

Here we have collected the best examples of above the fold content, to make it clear or understandable.


Shout me loud                                        Image Source: Shout me loud


Backlinko                                            Image Source: Backlinko

3. utreachPlus

utreachplus                                        Image Source: utreachPlus

4. bluehost

Bluehost                                                 Image Source: Bluehost

In the above examples, the website operators focus on making it easy for the people to find the information they want and also inform about the website niche. If you noticed on the above website, there is no ads above the fold and there is call to action (Join now, Sign Up, Try it free, Get started) button to grab the attention of the users which make them to scroll below the fold.


Above the fold is an important part of web design that can be seen directly under the pages call to action. Many marketers and service providers assume that important content belongs to top. However, some websites are also turning into one-pagers, where content is presented via a longer website which a user scroll through.

It is hard to generalize about what contents belongs to above or below the fold. Instead website operators should test and optimize to place the right content in the right place.


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