If you have no answer to the question “Why do we use WordPress?”

Don’t worry about this question, here we will share 13 reasons, why we should use WordPress. 

We all know that the only developer has that power to build a website. Because there is a need for various computer languages like java, .net, c, c++ and many more. But that is the old words, today without the knowledge of coding we can create a website with the use of the open platforms. And WordPress is one of those open platforms to create a website. Most of the people think that it’s just a blogging platform. But, it is not so, users can use WordPress for service-based websites, e-commerce websites, and also for affiliate marketing. And also don’t get confused with the term wordpress.org and wordpress.com. In this blog we are talking about wordpress.org. WordPress.org is a self-hosted WordPress and wordpess.com is a hosting service. 

What is WordPress?

WordPress is an open-source content management system (CMS) that helps in building the website without using computer languages. WordPress replaced the word “coding” with the “drag and drop” word. Whatever we want on our website, we only need to drag and drop that. If you are using the WordPress platform, you convert your website’s blueprint into a live website. 

To make your website accessible via the world wide web, you need a domain name and hosting server to install WordPress. After that customize your site according to your choice via drag and drop option.

Now, it’s time to answer your question, why should we use WordPress. Have a look at different reasons,

Why WordPress is at the top choice today.

Open source and free of cost 

WordPress is self-hosted, so there are no costs associated with downloading and installing. Here open source means that it is developed by a collection of contributors. Open source is free with communities. And users can take part in communities as a beta tester. 

Build any type of website

Users can not only use WordPress for building blog sites. WordPress was developed for the blogging website but that has changed with various platforms like e-commerce, news websites, etc. WordPress is also used to run complex sites for multinational corporations. WordPress’s many themes and it is easy to access. You can also customize the premium theme according to your needs. 


WordPress sites can be installed and run in a minute, even without any technical expertise. Users only need a domain name and hosting account. You can be upload WordPress directly from the wordpress.org. From the admin dashboard, users can customize the site and start to create posts and pages right away. 

SEO friendly

WordPress sites are rank higher than others in search engines. Because high-quality codes and semantic markup are used in WordPress. WordPress is SEO friendly by design. And users can also use the SEO plugin to further optimize the website. For complete step by step instructions, see our WordPress SEO Yoast plugin guide to properly optimize the site. 

WordPress supports the different media type

WordPress is not only for texting. It also comes with a built-in media uploader to handle image, video, and audio files. Users can also embed youtube videos and social media photos by just pasting the URL in the post editor.

Multiple options

Thanks to the growing directory basic and various premium themes of WordPress. Many of these features are instantly available to the new site through the WordPress theme directory and thousands of more features can be purchased from the third-party from around the world. If users want to change the layout or change the website’s theme then change the theme according to your need. 

Add on functionality 

WordPress has all the features which are needed to create a website, but many users want more functions related to a site’s need. There are a lot of plugins such as shopping carts, galleries, contact forms that users can add in their WordPress directory to add on more features on their websites. Users can also purchase and install different custom plugins from third-party. Plugins can be activated and deactivated and deleted according to the website’s needs. If there is any installed plugin that is not required for the website then try to delete that plugin because it is slow down the page speed of the website. 

Mobile responsive

Mobile responsive is one of the factors in the Google ranking, so it is required for the website to be compatible with any device either it is desktop or mobile. A variety of responsive themes are available in the WordPress. Users can also make the sites responsive by installing a plugin. 

For which website we should use WordPress?

A few examples of different kind of websites for which we should use WordPress

  • For blog
  • Business website
  • Ecommerce
  • Online courses
  • Forum websites
  • Job board
  • Question and answer website
  • Religious website
  • Portfolio website
  • Coupon website
  • Auction websites
  • Affiliate website

WordPress is Safe and Secure

WordPress is a safe and secure platform to run a website. However, there are intruders who want to get their hands on as many sites as they could. To protect your site from, there are a few simple things that you can do to make your website more secure. Users can use Sucuri on the websites to protect against threats. 

Schedule post

WordPress makes it easy to schedule the post which you want to publish later. By this feature, users can write a different post at once and have it published at specific times of the day.

Membership service

WordPress offers plugins you can use to sell memberships on your websites. In this way, you can charge people to see the content on your site.

Source of support

Guides and tutorials are available to help you solve the problems. The forums are also available which allow users to help each other out, creating a community.


If you are going to build a WordPress site, you should consider a hosting provider that offers WordPress hosting. And that will save you time and allow you to access your WordPress dashboard through your account. As you can see, there is very little to do on WordPress sites. The above features make you know about WordPress if you are unknown with WordPress.

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