Everyone wants organic traffic to their sites!

Do you also want to get massive traffic to your site??
I know, your answer will be YES.

Then, the search engine is the best answer to the above question. Search engine submission sites will help you to get organic traffic to your website by submitting your website to the best search engine submission sites in 2019.

Getting organic traffic from Google only is not enough for any SEO experts. And if you want to enhance the website traffic then you should submit your website to the best search engine submission sites.

What is the search engine with example?

A search engine is a  software that allows internet users to search the information with world wide web (www). A user enters keywords into the search engine and gets a list of results in the form of websites, images, videos or other online data. The list of the information returned by the search engine to a user as a search engine result page.

Examples of the search engine are Google, Yahoo, Yandex, and Bing, etc.

Let’s start to dive into deeper

What is search engine submission site?

Search engine submission means to submit the URLs of your website to the search engine for crawling and indexing.

Crawling: Crawling is the process by which search engine software known as web crawler find available information. For example, Google uses a software called “Googlebot” to crawl web pages and links within those pages to bring the information back to Google.

Indexing: Once search engine crawler crawls the web pages, it includes it in the database and index it according to keywords. Let’s for example, if you write a blog about search engine submission sites 2019, it indexes it for the keywords like “search engine submission sites”.

Normally search engine crawl and index your website automatically at the interval of particular days. If there is no proper navigation provided then there is no way for search engines to reach to all of your site’s content.

So, it is better to submit your content to search engine submission sites to crawled and indexed correctly and quickly. Also many search engines firms charges many dollars fee for search engine submission which you can do manually using below free search engine submission list.

Here is the list of search engine submission sites.


Submitting your URLs in the search engine is extremely important to get your new blog crawled and indexed and it is also important to get them indexed quickly. Once you submitted your new blog to the various search engine. I would recommend you to:

Submit your blog using ping submission sites list to get it index quickly by search engines.

Submit your blog to high-quality Directory Submission Sites to get high-quality backlinks

Add your new blog and backlinks to high PR dofollow Social Bookmarking Sites to obtain more backlinks

To get even more backlinks, submit fresh new articles to Article Submission Sites

Submit videos using Video Submission Sites to create backlinks from high DA sites

Post an add on High DA and PA free classified sites to improve traffic and authority for your business

You can create as many backlinks as you want but you only need to target the right keywords to improve your search engine ranking.

Hope you have found the above search engine submission sites useful.

Let us know your feedback about these search engine sites 2019.


  1. Amazing list! you have a great collection of dofollow sites for commenting and blog commenting a great method to got good traffic for website. thanks my friend for a great list!


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